Below is a list of some of the main reasons that LinkedIn users may get a warning from LinkedIn regarding their account usage or even get temporarily banned.

  •   Too many views from an account
  •   A history of repetitive, abusive behavior
  •   An unusual amount of connect requests from an account
  •   A low acceptance rate from connection requests
  •   Leveraging poor quality and unreputable automation tools
  •   The name of the account violates LinkedIn’s User Agreement
  •   Inappropriate content or illegal activity by the account
  •   Receive excessive "I don’t know this person" flags
  •   Hacked or compromised LinkedIn account
  •   Spammy activity from the account
  •   You have a fake account

The Inlytics platform does not engage in any automation on behalf of a personal profile. As a data tool, Inlytics takes existing LinkedIn data associated with your personal profile and content and presents it in the Inlytics dashboard.

We are constantly monitoring the user agreement and updating our platform based on changes we see from LinkedIn. If you do receive one of these warning or ban messages, please contact us at

We are happy to help the best that we can and try to provide any learnings based on our engagement with thousands of LinkedIn users on Inlytics.