After you sign-up, some data may be missing. Read further to see what we can pull and what we will track from the moment you install the Chrome Extension and sign-up for Inlytics.


When you first log in to your inlytics account you might expect that it is immediately updated. And that's true. Right after your connection our system will start pulling data from your account and visualize it. However, we cannot pull every historic data set.

Some data is just not available or not made available through LinkedIn. This data will be tracked from our system, as soon as you have connected your account. 

Here is a shortlist of metrics we can and cannot pull right after your first connection:

We CAN'T pull historic data (with time-stamps) from:

  • Impressions
  • Reactions
  • Shares
  • The Engagement Rate
  • Followers/ Following

You may be wondering why despite we list Impressions, Reactions, and so on in the list above, you can see these in your dashboard? Well, here is what is happening: We can pull the TOTAL number of Impressions, Reactions, Shares etc. from LinkedIn, but not with time-stamp. That means, we cannot visualize it in charts from the beginning. That's why some charts are empty or show different values at the beginning.

Now let's move on to the stats you can expect us to pull immediately.

We CAN pull your historic-data (with time-stamps) from:

  • Profile views (last 90 days)
  • Connections over time

These metrics can be pulled from us right after you launch inlytics for the first time. You can expect to see this data appearing in your dashboard pretty soon. If after 24 hours no data is displayed, please reach out to us for support.

Remember: the longer you will use inlytics, the more powerful your insights will get.