If you try to connect multiple LinkedIn profiles, this guide is for you. There are two viable options to go along with. Before I show you the two options, I want to point out that each LinkedIn profile that is intended to be connected to an inlytics accounts needs to have a dedicated chrome extension installed somewhere. The reason for that is that the extension acts as a dedicated "gateway" for us to access this profile's content performance data.

1st Option: Everyone Installs The Chrome Extension Themselves

The simplest and most straightforward option for most teams and individuals. Ask everybody to install the Chrome Extension on their Chrome browser and let them connect it with LinkedIn. From this point on you can interlink the accounts, create groups or, connect a single account.

2nd Option: One Person Installs Multiple Chrome Extensions

Most viable for agency owners or freelancers that require to set up the inlytics accounts for their clients. If you go for this option you have to install multiple extensions and connect them to the assigned LinkedIn account. The short video here shows you how to do that.