Inlytics derives its data from LinkedIn cookies. Anytime LinkedIn invalidates the cookie or anytime Inlytics doesn't have access to the LinkedIn profile, the tool can get disconnected from your respective LinkedIn profile.

Sadly LinkedIn doesn't provide all the specific reasons for the disconnection, they just invalidate cookies. Here are some of the common themes we've seen from users who experience frequent disconnections:

  • Switching back and forth between LinkedIn profiles on a singular Inlytics account
  • Simultaneous access across multiple devices
  • Using multiple chrome profiles for the LinkedIn account
  • Using several LinkedIn chrome extensions or tools
  • Inconsistent activity based on location or IP Address. These cookies that our chrome extension pulls can get invalidated from different IP addresses,
  • If a VPN is constantly switched to a different location or frequently turned on and off, it may interfere with connections. 

If none of these situations apply to you and you still experience frequent disconnections, please get in touch with us at  so that we can look into it further.