On the 22nd day of July this year, Inlytics released a new update on Inlytics Chrome Extension bringing two big changes that improves connection and security. 


For new users, you will download the Version 1.2.6 Inlytics Chrome Extension. You can download the extension here. For existing users, your extension will update automatically. 


For Inlytics' existing user, you're going to notice that we actually removed the Connect button when the status is Good



Obviously when there's an error or if there was a disconnection, for whatever reason, you will actually see the connect button. But, if you don't see the connect button, that means that Inlytics has a valid cookie from your assigned LinkedIn profile and we are able to retrieve the data.



We actually removed the connect button after learning that if you click connect repeatedly while a valid cookie is already in place, LinkedIn will start to notice that a particular IP address associated with the LinkedIn profile is retrieving valid cookies at an unusually high rate when a valid cookie is already present. LinkedIn will then report that behavior for security concerns, which could lead to more disconnections over time.


The second big thing is Inlytics will automatically delete your cookie from your browser. Thus, you'll notice that whenever you connect, even if it is your first time or nth time connecting, it's going to log you out of LinkedIn automatically. 


This will minimize some issues having those cookies deleted for whatever reason, whether that's logging out of LinkedIn, switching to a different LinkedIn profile, or any number of normal activities that you do on LinkedIn or just via your browser can invalidate a cookie. So what we did was we deleted it for you and then we store it securely on the Inlytics side so we can use that cookie whenever we need to go and retrieve updated data.